Published Security Audits

We encourage transparency about security.
Below is a list of reports our security consulting clients have chosen to publish.


Compound + Pando for Fox One, October – Report

Synthetic Asset Platform Smart Contracts for the Tezos Foundation, September – Report

Mina Signer SDK + StakingPower Wallet, September – Report

Blank Wallet Browser Extension, September – Report

Auro Wallet Extension for Mina Foundation, August – Report

Aleo Trusted Setup: Phase 1, July – Report

cLabs’ Plumo Protocol: Arithmetic Optimizations, June – Report

Clorio Wallet + Mina Ledger JS for Mina Foundation, June – Report

Cosmos SDK Liquidity Module for All in Bits, June – Report

Venus for Filecoin Foundation, June – Report

EIP-3074 for Ethereum Foundation, June – Report

Pendle Finance’s Pendle Protocol Smart Contracts, June – Report 

Wrap Protocol Smart Contracts for Tezos Foundation, May – Report

ScopeLift’s Umbra-js, May – Report

Fractal’s Staking and Claims Registry Smart Contracts, May – Report

Chia Network’s Coloured Coins Implementation, April – Report

Hiro’s Stacks Wallet, April – Report

Equilibrium’s Vanilla Smart Contracts, March – Report

Blox Staking Wallet, March – Report

Loopring 3.6 Design + Implementation: Circuit, March – Report

Loopring 3.6 Design + Implementation: Smart Contracts, March – Report

QuipuSwap Smart Contracts for Tezos Foundation, March – Report

Kolibri Smart Contracts for Tezos Foundation, March – Report

Stably’s Tezos Stablecoin for Tezos Foundation, March – Report

Harvest Finance’s Harvest Smart Contracts, February – Report

O(1) Labs’ Mina Ledger Application, February – Report

Lisk Project: Protocol Design + Implementation, January – Report


Protocol Labs’ Lotus Implementation + Subcomponents, December – Report

Ethereum Foundation’s ethdo, November – Report

Beacon SDK for Tezos Foundation, October – Report

Centrifuge’s Tinlake 0.3.0, October – Report

Thanos Wallet for Tezos Foundation, September – Report

Atomex: Core Library + Desktop Client for Tezos Foundation, September – Report

Metastate AG Multi-Asset Shielded Pool for Tezos Foundation, August – Report

Band Protocol’s BandChain Cosmos-SDK Oracle Module, August – Report

Taquito for Tezos Foundation, June – Report

Protocol Labs’ Gossipsub v1.1 Protocol Design + Implementation, June – Blog PostReport

Atomex Smart Contracts for Tezos Foundation, May – Report

TezosKit for Tezos Foundation, May – Report

Centrifuge Chain, April – Report

Centrifuge’s Tinlake Contracts + Actions, April – Report

Ethereum Foundation’s Ethereum 2.0 Specifications, March – Report

TzBTC for Tezos Foundation, March – Report

BTG Pactual ReitBZ Token + Token Management Dashboard for Tezos Foundation, March – Report

ChainSafe Systems’ Utility Libraries, March – Report

ConsenSys AG’s MetaMask Plugin System + LavaMoat, March – Report

TRON Protocol, March – Report


ConsenSys AG’s MetaMask Permissions System + CapNode, December – Report

Ethereum Foundation’s Node Discovery Protocol, October – Report

Nervos Network, October – Report

ProgPoW Algorithm, September – Report

Blockstack Stacks Investor Wallet, May – Report

MetaMask Mobile Application, April – Report

Onion Routed Cloud (ORC), April – Report

Cosmos Blockchain SDK Framework, January-February – Blog Post | Report

Five Security Audits for the Tezos Foundation, April 2018-March 2019 – Blog Post

    • Audit 1: Tezos Protocol – Report
    • Audit 2: Tezos Foundation Vesting Smart Contracts – Report
    • Audit 3: Galleon Wallet Developed by Cryptonomic – Report
    • Audit 4: Ledger Applications Developed by Obsidian – Report
    • Audit 5: TezBox Wallet by Stephen Andrews – Blog Post | Report


Zcash Overwinter and Sapling, February-December – Blog Post

  • Audit 1: Zcash Implementation Analysis (1.0.15) and Overwinter Specification Review – Report
  • Audit 2: Zcash Overwinter+Sapling Specification – Report
  • Audit 3: Sapling Implementation / RPC Interface – Report

BEAM’s Mimblewimble Implementation, November – Blog Post | Report

FundRequest’s ICO Smart Contracts, February – Blog Post | Report


Melonport, December – Blog Post | Report

KnotDNS (via Mozilla Secure Open Source Fund), September – Blog Post | Report

GNU libmicrohttpd (via Mozilla Secure Open Source Fund), June – Blog Post | Report

2014 - 2015

Ethereum Incentive Analysis, June 2015 – Blog Post | Report

Globaleaks Whistleblowing Platform (via Open Tech Fund), June 2014 – Blog Post | Report

Cryptocat Chat Program (via Open Tech Fund), April 2014 – Blog Post | Report

SpiderOak’s Crypton Framework, February 2014 – Blog Post

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