Security and Privacy for All

We believe that people have a fundamental right to privacy and that the use of secure solutions enables people to more freely use the Internet and other connected technologies.

Our expert team delivers comprehensive security consulting services. We conduct audits and reviews of cryptographic protocols and distributed system architectures to ensure robust and reliable implementations. Our commitment to privacy includes product development of privacy-enhancing technology applications for the public as well as diverse communities and organizations in order to safeguard their data and protect their digital interactions.

Security Consulting

From design to production, we work closely with teams through the complete development cycle to identify security issues and promote best practices.

Product Development

We incorporate privacy-by-design and release our code as open-source in order to build products that advance digital security and protect the privacy of those who use them.

Community Matters

We develop and promote the use of secure systems and privacy-protecting technology for use by various communities including non-profit and non-governmental organizations.

German Accelerator

Successful completion of the Southeast Asia Market Access Program Class of 2023

Security Auditing

Nearly 200 audits completed since 2014


Expertise in Web3 implementation and auditing zero-knowledge cryptography


Active development and contributions to numerous open-source programs


Number of ways we can read data stored by our customers — none

Blockchain Security Alliance

Member of SUSS NiFT Blockchain Security Alliance

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