Join us and contribute to our mission of making technology more secure and
preserving privacy as a human right.

Our Company Culture


We are a remote first company with team members located around the world. Berlin, Germany, is home to our headquarters. We are committed to building and supporting the development of usable technology solutions that advance digital security and preserve privacy as a fundamental human right.

Team Values

Our work is driven by the values of privacy and security. We value diversity and inclusion among our team members while striving to offer a healthy work-life balance. We provide opportunities for continuous personal growth and learning through internal and external training methods.

Our Impact

We care about our ecosystem and the people involved in it. To that end, we publish security audits in conjunction with our clients to promote transparency. We publish blogs and attend events that are rooted in the community. Our team has helped to fund FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) projects and we provide support for Human Rights Organizations.

Why Join Us

We pursue our mission with these values:

Our team works with flexible working arrangements.

Part-time working arrangements are an option.

We can employ team members remotely (77+ countries).

We support relocation to Germany.*

We are open to support with VISA processing.*

We offer workstation equipment benefits.