Security Consulting Services

We offer security consulting services to support Web3, blockchain, and FinTech teams from the design phase, through production, launch, and beyond.

More than 200 audits completed since 2014

Extensive experience in Advanced Cryptography and Zero-Knowledge Proof Technology

Ecosystem support, including Ethereum, FileCoin, Mina, Stacks, and Tezos, is available

Comprehensive security support services, covering multiple product components

Highly skilled team with diverse backgrounds

Chosen by Top Organizations

Our Services

Source Code Audits

Our team of experts review code, line-by-line, within an application to expose potential vulnerabilities that could be extorted.

Specification and White Paper Reviews

This aids in the process by allowing researchers to preview projects and provide feedback prior to or during an audit.

Decentralized Systems Architecture

With no single entity in control, we can evaluate how each can function where conflicting goals or security risks may exist.

Security by Design Consultation

A fresh, proactive approach that considers security and vulnerability from the onset of any new project, and collaboration at every stage.

Smart Contracts Audit Services

Foster a safer and more reliable environment for users and stakeholders by identifying and mitigating potential vulnerabilities, bugs, or security risks within a smart contract’s code.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Team

We have an exceptional team of highly committed and skilled individuals, with the ability to audit projects in C; C++; Python; Haskell; Rust; Node.js; Clarity; Solidity; Go; JavaScript; ZoKrates; circom; and others. Our diverse backgrounds combine to ensure we can audit the language utilized for your product.

Our Roots

We began offering our security consulting services in 2014. Since then we have completed nearly 200 security audits in multiple ecosystems including Ethereum, Polygon, Cosmos, Stacks, Tezos, MINA and Filecoin. Many examples of our work are available on our Published Audits page.

Our Expertise

We have audited implementations of cryptographic protocols and distributed system architecture in smart contracts, advanced cryptography zero-knowledge protocols, and consensus protocols. Our team can guide you through the steps of the audit process to improve the security of your project.

Audit Process


Schedule a call.

We learn about your security needs and tell you about how we work.


Get a quote.

We’ll prepare a project proposal, including a timeline and budget.


Conduct the audit.

Our team of security researchers work with you to improve the security of your product.


Review findings.

Based on our recommendations, we support your team to address the issues identified.


Finalize report.

We verify the security issues that have been addressed and deliver a final report (publishing optional).

We invite you to reach out to us! If you have questions about the audit process or how our team can contribute to the security and privacy of your project or product, schedule a call with us or complete a request for a proposal