MW4ALL Participates in NGI Bootcamp

Least Authority recently participated in a business scale-up bootcamp organized by NGI TETRA. The bootcamp offered us valuable lessons and the honor of being chosen as one of its ‘winners’. NGI (Next Generation Internet) is a program funded by the European Union, supporting a “Human Internet that respects the fundamental values

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Audit of ChainSafe Utility Libraries

Overview ChainSafe has requested that Least Authority perform a security audit of their Lodestar utility libraries. Lodestar is an Ethereum 2.0 implementation of the Beacon Chain. The following utility libraries are considered in scope: Persistent Merkle Tree: BLS key derivation and hd key utilities: Key management for BLS

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Audit of TzBTC for Tezos Foundation

The Tezos Foundation requested that Least Authority perform a security audit of TzBTC, a BTC-backed token on Tezos. TzBTC enables the compliant issuance of a fully Bitcoin-backed token on the Tezos blockchain while aiming to eradicate the risks of a single-point-of-failure. This is achieved by dividing the various tasks into

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Our Audit of Ethereum Foundation’s Node Discovery Protocol

This summer, Least Authority was hired to audit the Ethereum 2.0 node discovery protocol. We enjoyed diving into the protocol, and found some issues that were really interesting to model and test. Read the full report here.  Proof of Identity The audit went smoothly and we were able to quickly

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Audit of the Nervos Network

Nervos has requested that Least Authority perform a security audit of the Nervos Network, an open source multi-asset, Proof of Work blockchain, featuring a novel consensus scheme called NC-Max. Nervos is a decentralized application network consisting of a layered architecture, including the layer 1 protocol known as CKB (Common Knowledge

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Least Authority Audits MetaMask’s Mobile App

Least Authority conducted a security audit of the MetaMask mobile application, a wallet and developer tool for applications built on Ethereum. MetaMask allows users to browse the web and interact with Ethereum applications, sign messages and transactions, and securely manage and store their private keys and assets. The mobile application is built in React Native within a single codebase for both iOS and Android platforms. MetaMask previously built and released a web extension providing the…

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