MW4ALL Participates in NGI Bootcamp

Least Authority recently participated in a business scale-up bootcamp organized by NGI TETRA. The bootcamp offered us valuable lessons and the honor of being chosen as one of its ‘winners’.

NGI (Next Generation Internet) is a program funded by the European Union, supporting a “Human Internet that respects the fundamental values of privacy, participation and diversity”. Least Authority has received funding support from this program for our Magic Wormhole for All (MW4ALL) 1.0 and 2.0 projects.

During the bootcamp, we learned about customer discovery, intellectual property rights issues and public and private funding options for the file transfer product we are developing as part of MW4ALL. We also received extensive training on how to pitch our product for investors and other parties. The bootcamp helped us focus our thinking around how to frame the file transfer product, and how to best present it to audiences unfamiliar with us and the Magic Wormhole technology on which the product is based.

As we were selected as one of the winners of the bootcamp (and highlighted for best performance) we will get to benefit from further mentoring guidance for the project in the coming months. It’s great support for us on our path to make privacy-supporting products accessible and usable for everyone. And we encourage other open source projects to look into NGI grant programs to support your work.


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