Presenting ZKAPs at Hello Decentralization Conference

On February 22nd, Least Authority’s CEO and Managing Director Liz Steininger spoke about Zero Knowledge Access Passes [ZKAPs] at Hello Decentralization, a free community event where members meet and discuss decentralized technologies from a technical perspective.

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Note: event registration is required in order to watch (free to register).

The full talk can be viewed above and slides can be found here.

The main sections with timestamps are as follows:

  • Who we are [01:17]
  • ZKAPs, an introduction [02:56]
  • Our Use Case and Problem [03:19]
  • How PrivateStorage Works [04:56]
  • Adapting Privacy Pass [08:25]
  • The Result – ZKAPs in practice [11:30]
  • Q & A [20:40]

For further information, please visit the links and references below:

Update July 2021:

You can read the Whitepaper here and watch our talks on ZKAPs here. If you would like to talk to us about using ZKAPs as a standalone service, email us at If you want to see ZKAPs in action, sign up to be notified of the launch of PrivateStorage later this year (we will delete your email address after the notification).