Security Audit Reports: A Guide for Everyone

In 2014, we published our first security audit report. Since then, we have completed more than 200 audits and published more than half of those. The primary audience of an audit report is the client’s project development team. However, stakeholders and other interested parties can also find value in reading

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A Decade of Enabling Security-By-Design for Emerging Technologies

In January, we celebrated the 10-year anniversary of our first ever published security audit report. At the time of our first review, security consulting for privacy-enhancing and distributed technologies was a fledgling industry, and there were very few companies, like us, offering our specialized knowledge and expertise for security analysis

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The State of Grant Funding for the Security of Web3

In Part 1 of this blog, we delved into the constantly changing world of Web3, unveiling the opportunities it presents. In Part 2, we’re continuing this exploration with a focus on the types of projects receiving support, with a particular emphasis on improving security — a critical yet often overlooked

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The Current Outlook on Web3 Grant Funding

In recent years the Web3 space, known for its innovation and community driven approaches, has witnessed a significant shift in its approach to funding and supporting projects. We have identified more than 150 funding opportunities since we began researching them in October 2023, and new grant programs are continuously emerging.

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Expanding Security Services for Web3 Ecosystems

Over the last few years we’ve been expanding our Ecosystem Support by including various Security Consulting offerings to meet the needs of the different ecosystems with which we are working. Although our main offering is still Security Audits of codebases and specifications for projects, we also offer consultation sessions, and

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