Audit of Zkopru zk-SNARK Circuits + Smart Contracts for Ethereum Foundation

Ethereum Foundation has requested that Least Authority perform a security audit of the Zkopru (zk-optimistic-rollup) zk-SNARK Circuits and Smart Contracts. Zkopru, a Zcash-Style privacy solution, is a layer-2 scaling solution for private transactions using zk-SNARK and optimistic rollup on the Ethereum Blockchain. It supports private transfer and private atomic swap

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2021 in Review: How We Contributed to Web3

2021 seems to be the year that we all accepted the term “Web3” as the way to refer to the collective movements of decentralizing infrastructure and empowering users to be in control. It means the next generation of the Internet and beyond, which includes the  tokenization of things for digital

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Audit of Compound + Pando for Fox One

Fox One has requested that Least Authority perform a security audit of Pando and Compound, which have been since renamed Pando Leaf and Pando Rings, respectively. Pando Leaf is a decentralized financial network built with the Mixin Trusted Group (MTG) technology, a multi-signature custodian consensus solution, and an alternative to smart contacts

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