Audit of Wrap Protocol Smart Contracts for Tezos Foundation

Tezos Foundation has requested that Least Authority perform a security audit of the Wrap Protocol Smart Contracts. Wrap is a bridge that allows users to wrap ERC20 tokens into FA2 tokens on the Tezos Blockchain. Our final audit report was completed on May 24th, 2021. To read the full report

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Audit of Chia Network’s Coloured Coins Implementation

Chia Network has requested that Least Authority perform a security audit of the Coloured coin implementation, a Chialisp smart transaction and its dependencies. Chia Network aims to build a blockchain and smart transaction platform that is decentralized, efficient, and secure. Chialisp is Chia’s new smart transaction programming language. The blockchain

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Audit of ScopeLift’s Umbra-js

ScopeLift requested that Least Authority perform a security audit of umbra-js, an off-chain JavaScript library that implements the basic cryptographic scheme for interacting with the Umbra Protocol and used for building Umbra-enabled Web3 applications in Node.js or in the browser. Umbra is a protocol for enabling stealth payments on the

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MW4ALL Participates in NGI Bootcamp

Least Authority recently participated in a business scale-up bootcamp organized by NGI TETRA. The bootcamp offered us valuable lessons and the honor of being chosen as one of its ‘winners’. NGI (Next Generation Internet) is a program funded by the European Union, supporting a “Human Internet that respects the fundamental values

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Security Consulting FAQs Page is Live

In order to increase the transparency of our processes, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions for our Security Consulting work. The FAQs page provides details about our services, including: An Overview of Our Services, Planning and Preparing for a Security Audit, Responding to and Managing the Findings.

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