Least Authority Attends The IAPP Global Privacy Summit

Our government affairs and legal counsel teams at Least Authority traveled to Washington DC in early April to attend the Global Privacy Summit 2023 hosted by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). As Least Authority builds privacy-enhancing technology, we found it paramount to join, meet, and network with other

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Security Index Token Announcement

Least Authority would like to announce the creation of the “Least Authority Security Index”, a tokenized collection of our most security-dedicated clients.  This index will provide diversified exposure to crypto assets that have a high security rating, showing their commitment to high standards of security, as determined by Least Authority

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FAQs: MoonMath Manual to zk-SNARKs

Our MoonMath Manual to zk-SNARKs is generating a lot of interest and so we’ve put together answers to some of the most common questions. What are zk-SNARKs and why should I care? Zk-SNARKs, or zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge, is a type of zero-knowledge proof that allows for the

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Human-centered design at Least Authority

Human-centered design is one of the key approaches Least Authority adopts alongside security- and privacy-by-design. Our human-centered design process involves building an understanding of user needs and experiences, while using those learnings to shape design and development goals and iterations. The case studies below provide examples of this approach. The

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Dark Crystal social backup using Magic Wormhole

The following document is an extract from Magic Crystal, which describes how to leverage social secret sharing with Dark Crystal using Magic Wormhole for identity-less transport without using any Public Key Infrastructure. The document also includes a protocol design for developers wanting to integrate this feature into their application. It

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Privy to and the Privacy Bill of Rights

Privy To is a series of immersive installations and XR projects first conceived in 2019 and created by Michelle Leddon, with the help of producers Julia Scott-Stevenson and co-sponsored by Least Authority. It was an official selection at the Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival 2021.  In a recent Medium piece titled

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