‘Privy To’ Will Be Featured at Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival (April 22-May 2)

Privy To project picture

We are delighted to announce that Privy To, a provocative exposition into the concept of privacy, and a project co-sponsored by Least Authority, is an official selection for the Digital Identities theme of the Inter:Active exhibition at this year’s Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival (CPH:DOX).

“Helping people understand the importance of privacy in technology, along with enabling privacy through technology, is a core part of Least Authority’s mission,” says Least Authority’s CEO Liz Steininger.

“By supporting projects like Privy To, we can reach new audiences and encourage them to think critically about the impact of technology on individual and collective privacy. We want to help spark conversations around privacy and inspire people to consider the various definitions and components of this fundamental human right as they interact with technologies, both new and old.”

Privy To is an inaugural project by the Assembly of Privacy Doxographers, a collective of makers, artists and producers, including Michelle Leddon, Julia Scott-Stevenson, and Least Authority’s Liz Steininger.

In Assembly, they seek to create innovative immersive works aimed at reimagining privacy and reconsidering what it means, “This project is part of an effort to offer a more holistic view of privacy. It’s about bringing the long history of the development of the concept of privacy with us into the future.” says Privy To’s Creative Director Leddon.

Artist, technologist and composer Jason J. Snell has joined the assembly in this first cycle where his work, compositions and technologies have been turned to the task of examining concepts in privacy rights. In his work, Snell uses an EEC (electroencephalogram) headband to, “compose music directly with his mind; a type of ’electro-psychedelic’ that reveals the psyche through sound.”

In this project the audience is privy to Jason’s brain activity as he: reflects alone, carries out a private exchange with another human being, and is exposed to an audience and invited to reflect on three facets of privacy rights: the right to private thought, intimate communications and public exposure.

Privy To at Electric Dreams Festival

Privy To is one of thirteen projects selected for the program and one of three projects to be shown in the ‘Digital Identities’ category of CPH:DOX’s Immersive Program. CPH:DOX is one of the largest documentary film festivals in Europe. The exhibition will be accessible globally from April 22- May 2.

Project & Ticket Information

Privy To was first exhibited in August 2020 at the Electric Dreams Festival and is part of the European Commission’s Starts in Motion program.