Open Source Development

Open source code is at the foundation of our products and services.

Tahoe LAFs

A free and open, secure, decentralized, fault-tolerant, distributed data store and distributed file system.

It can be used as an online backup system, or to serve as a file or Web host similar to Freenet, depending on the front-end used to insert and access files in the Tahoe system.



Synchronize local directories with Tahoe-LAFS storage grids.

An easy-to-use cross-platform desktop application that provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for S4 and creates and syncs Magic Folders with S4. Download Gridsync to get a secure and an easy way to access your files in our cloud.


Magic Folders

A file-syncing utility that automatically makes a folder and its contents look the same on two different computers via Tahoe-LAFS.

The Magic Folder frontend synchronizes local directories on two or more clients, using a Tahoe-LAFS grid for storage. Whenever a file is created or changed under the local directory of one of the clients, the change is propagated to the grid and then to the other clients.


Magic Wormhole

Get things from one computer to another, safely.

Magic Wormhole, created by developer Brian Warner, is a clever way to send files easily and securely. The codes are short and human-pronounceable, using a phonetically-distinct wordlist. The receiving side offers tab-completion on the codewords, so usually only a few characters must be typed. Wormhole codes are single-use and do not need to be memorized.