We’re Hiring

Technical Writer

We’re looking for a technical writer to assist our team writing reports on security research and audits, open source technical documentation, project status reports, whitepapers, user guides, and privacy analysis statements on various technical approaches. The work involves deep dives into the technical aspects of our projects with the objective of organizing and parsing useful information into understandable content for a variety of audiences.

The ideal person for this role has interest in some or all of the following areas:

  • Applied & advanced cryptography, like Zero Knowledge Proofs
  • Open source software development, applications and communities
  • Security research and knowledge sharing
  • Privacy Enhancing Tech, including usability
  • Web 3.0, distributed & decentralized systems

Least Authority is a remote-first and global organization, so location and working hours are flexible. The role can be part- to full-time, depending on skills and interests.

Learn more about our security consulting work and published reports. Also read more about our open source development and other privacy-related efforts for building distributed systems on our blog. 

Get in touch and send us any of the following to jobs [at] leastauthority.com

  • Resume
  • Website link
  • Past work
  • GitHub link
  • Social media profile links (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • Example work
  • Or even just a nice email about yourself


Our Mission: We are committed to building and supporting the development of usable technology solutions and ethical business practices to advance digital security and preserve privacy as a fundamental human right.

“Least Authority” is derived from “the principle of least authority” (PoLA) — also known in information security as “the principle of least privilege” or “the principle of minimal privilege” — a security best practice requiring system components to only have the privilege necessary to complete their intended function and not more.