Audit of Metastate AG’s Multi-Asset Shielded Pool for Tezos Foundation

The Tezos Foundation has requested that Least Authority perform a security audit of the Metastate Extension of the Electric Coin Company’s (ECC) Sapling circuit, a user-defined asset extension that allows the shielded pool to support many denominations at once. Our final audit report was completed on August 18, 2020. To read the full report including

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Releasing Three Zcash Security Audit Reports

At the request of Zcash Company, the team at Least Authority had the opportunity to provide security consulting services on Zcash’s major 2018 releases. This included auditing Zcashd v1.0.15 (as part of the Sprout 1.0.x series), reviewing and providing feedback on the Overwinter and Sapling Specifications for future implementation, and a security review of the Sapling Implementation and RPC Interface

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