Smart Contracts Audit Services

Our smart contracts research team is unsurpassed in expertise and experience, and is reinforced by knowledge that has been accumulated from auditing their use since 2015

Package Type Average Cost Estimated Review Duration
Less than 250 LOC**
4 days
Less than 500 LOC**
1 week
Up to 750 LOC
2 weeks
Up to 1,500 LOC
2-3 weeks
Up to 2,500 LOC
Up to 5 weeks
Up to 5,000 LOC
Up to 6 weeks

Smart Contracts Audit Process

Code review.

A manual code review and security audit will be performed by our qualified team of security researchers.

Initial report.

We will provide you an Initial Audit Report documenting the issues and suggestions identified during the review.

Review findings.

Based on our recommendations, we support your team to address the issues identified within a 30-day window.

Finalize report.

We verify the security issues that have been addressed and deliver a final report.

Publishing report (optional).

You can decide if you want to publish the report or if you prefer to keep it confidential.


We strive for our work to be consistent with the values of Least Authority, as such, want to be open and transparent about how our smart contracts audits are priced. We also offer smart contracts packages to simplify and streamline planning.

Our researchers are experienced in auditing Solidity, Vyper, Clarity, ChiaLisp, SecureECMAscript (SES), SmartPy, Ligo, and Michelson.

It is not required that a package is selected. If the review scope will include components other than smart contracts, or if you prefer a different type of custom engagement, our team can assess your implementation and propose a solution.

In our lines of code determination, we perform a line count of the the repository, folder, or file in scope. However, we do not consider code comments or tests code in the implementation. We also do not consider well audited and maintained smart contract libraries that are imported. 

A deposit equal to 25% of the total agreement is due upon signature of the contract.

The remaining 75% is due upon delivery of the Initial Audit Report.

**For audits of less than 500 LOC, full payment is due upon signature.

We offer a 5% discount for invoices that are paid in full at the time of the deposit.

We also offer a 10% Transferable Credit on a future audit for publishing the full Final Audit Report.

We invite you to reach out to us!

If you are interested in learning about our team’s availability, or have any questions, please reach out to our security consulting team by email or schedule a call with us to discuss your project. Our team will provide you with a proposal that will include the audit scope, timeline according to our team’s availability, and cost according to the table above.