Simple Secure Storage Service (S4)

S4 is Least Authority's secure off-site backup system for individuals and businesses.

Available now!

Just $50/month for up to 350 GB.


Redundant Array of Independent Clouds (RAIC) will be a multi-cloud add-on to our other products.

Magic Folder

Magic Folder will be a "Dropbox-esque", friendly file-syncing utility.

Product comparison


Redundant Array of Independent Clouds

Magic Folder

Secure cloud backup service
Multi-cloud add-on
Casual file sync
Typical user: Sysadmin or developer Sysadmin or developer Everyone
Availability: Sign up now! Coming soon Coming soon
Price: $50/month
for 350 GB*
End-to-end security:
Back up your files:
Automatic syncing ("Like Dropboxâ„¢"):    
Amazon S3 backend
Microsoft Azure backend  
Rackspace backend  
Google backend  
Hewlett-Packard backend  

* Discounts are available for full-time students, educational institutions, libraries, non-profits, and free and open source projects.