Simple Secure Storage Service (S4)

S4 is Least Authority's verifiably secure off-site backup system for individuals and businesses. Learn how S4 keeps your data safe and private »

Just $25/month for unlimited storage (for personal use).

How to use S4

1Subscribe to S4.

You can do step two before or during this step.

2Install the free LAFS client on your trusted machine.

Try running tahoe --help to check that the LAFS client is working. If you have any problems up to this point, the tahoe-dev mailing list or the #tahoe-lafs IRC channel on are the best places to seek help.

3Create an LAFS gateway on your trusted machine.

To create a Tahoe-LAFS gateway on your trusted machine (in the default location, which is the .tahoe subdirectory of your home directory), run:

          tahoe create-client

Then to configure the gateway for use with your LAE account, edit YOUR_HOME_DIRECTORY/.tahoe/tahoe.cfg to use the following settings (the introducer.furl will have been sent to you in your sign-up confirmation e-mail):

        introducer.furl = specific to each customer
        shares.needed = 1
        shares.happy = 1 = 1

(If you are repurposing an existing node to use as the gateway, also set enabled = false in the [storage] section. It is already set that way when you create a node using tahoe create-client.)

4Start your gateway.

Now start your gateway using:

          tahoe start

On Windows, you'll need to leave that command running; on other platforms it will run in the background. Next, in your web browser go to:

to see the gateway's Welcome page. If everything is set up correctly, you should see a box with a green bullet on the left in the list of connected servers.

5Make an S4 alias.

We recommend that you create a directory and make the alias s4: point to it:

          tahoe create-alias s4

then to see that directory in your browser:

          tahoe webopen s4:

(The colon after s4 is required here.)

6Back up your files!

Just use the tahoe backup command to back up your files to your new alias. For example:

          tahoe backup DIRECTORY_TO_BACKUP s4:

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