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Audit of TzBTC for the Tezos Foundation

Overview The Tezos Foundation requested that Least Authority perform a security audit of TzBTC, a BTC-backed token on Tezos. TzBTC enables the compliant issuance of a fully Bitcoin-backed token on the Tezos blockchain while aiming to eradicate the risks of a single-point-of-failure. This is achieved by dividing the various tasks into keyholders that are responsible

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Five Security Audits for the Tezos Foundation

We are happy to release the results of the five security audits that Least Authority performed in 2018 for the Tezos Foundation, a Swiss non-profit organization that supports Tezos, a distributed, peer-to-peer, permissionless network, and the community around it. This series of security audits were done as part of the Tezos Foundation’s effort to improve the security

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All Published Audits

Protocol Labs’ Lotus Implementation + Subcomponents, December 2020 (report) Lisk Project: Protocol Design + Implementation, January 2021 (report) Ethereum Foundation’s ethdo, November 2020 (report) Tezos Foundation’s Metastate AG Multi-Asset Shielded Pool, August 2020 (report) Tezos Foundation’s Beacon SDK, October 2020 (report) Centrifuge’s Tinlake 0.3.0, October 2020 (report) Tezos Foundation’s Atomex: Core Library + Desktop Client,

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2020: Least Authority’s Year in Review

Before highlighting Least Authority’s accomplishments from 2020, I must first acknowledge that this year has been a difficult year for so many people around the world, and on many levels. There has been suffering from health issues and significant economic consequences, and as a result we all see 2020 as a year like no other.

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How The TezBox Wallet Audit Should Inform How We Think About Privacy

Last September, I had the pleasure of performing a security audit for a Tezos project called TezBox, developed by Stephen Andrews. TezBox is a web based digital wallet for using the Tezos cryptocurrency. I’m always excited to audit JavaScript projects, especially those that run in the browser and secure your finances, because the browser is a hostile place

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