Co-Founded Ventures

We partner with other teams to co-found new services and products that prioritize privacy.

Announcing S4's Move to PrivateStorage

Recently we announced PrivateStorage, our new joint venture with Private Internet Access, a privacy-focused VPN provider, to launch a new secure cloud storage product based on Tahoe-LAFS. Since then, we have been asked questions about how PrivateStorage relates to our current Simple Secure Storage Service (S4), including what will make PrivateStorage different enough to warrant an entirely new service.


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PrivateStorage is a joint venture product developed and maintained by Least Authority and Private Internet Access. As firm believers in protection of our customers’ privacy, we joined efforts to offer a private, secure and end-to-end encrypted solution to allow the end user — not third-parties — to determine whether and to what extent the personal data on the storage service is collected, shared, and processed. PrivateStorage has been designed with privacy and security features to give you the control of who has access to your data. We cannot see your data when it is stored by us.