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Using ZKAPs to Disconnect Payment Data from Service Data

On Apr 16, 2020

A note from the team: we’re continually looking for possible applications of ZKAPs in a variety of scenarios. If there is a product or project you’re working on that you would like to test ZKAPs with, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Last month, our team, the Least Authoritarians, gave two presentations on ZKAPs—zero-knowledge access […]

The Path from S4 to PrivateStorage

On Sep 4, 2019

In March 2019, Least Authority announced PrivateStorage, our new joint venture with Private Internet Access, a privacy-focused VPN provider, to launch a new secure cloud storage product based on Tahoe-LAFS. Since then, we have been asked questions about how PrivateStorage relates to our currently offered Simple Secure Storage Service (S4), including what will make PrivateStorage […]

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Servers of Happiness

On Jun 13, 2017

At Least Authority we understand the sensitivity of your data and are committed to ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and reliability as critical components of our products/ service to you. When clients are encoding files, they control several parameters. One of these is called “happiness” (or simply “H”) which tells the client the minimum number of servers that shares must be placed on. We have recently improved the algorithm used to determine share placement. Before we discuss…

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Gridsync – a new graphical user interface (GUI) to S4 – coming soon!

On May 31, 2017

We’re excited to announce that very soon we are launching a new enhancement to our Simple Secure Storage Service (S4) – “Gridsync” – a new cross-platform desktop application which provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to S4 and is easier to use than Tahoe-LAFS command line interface (CLI). Least Authority’s goal is to build an affordable, ethical, usable, and lasting data […]

Magic Folders Now Allows for File Synchronization in Tahoe-LAFS

On Apr 21, 2017

Meejah and David Stainton on April 21, 2017 The users of Tahoe-LAFS – a project that aims to provide Free and Open decentralized cloud storage system – now get additional Magic Folders features. In January 2017, the open source project released version 1.12.0, which brings Least Authority’s Magic Folders v1.0 into Tahoe-LAFS. Members of the Least Authority team, […]

Privacy Technologies for Bitcoin

On Jun 15, 2015

The Zerocash Team, Greg Maxwell, and LeastAuthority on June 15, 2015 Introduction The world still needs Zerocash even though we now have Confidential Transactions. A message from Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn: At Least Authority, Table 2, followed by more explanation. Table 2. Zerocash and Confidential Transactions At A Glance Confidential Transactions Zerocash User Flexibility Fine-Grained All-or-nothing [2] ~5000 bytes ~1000 bytes […]

Reset The Net with the Upgraded Simple Secure Storage Service

On Jun 5, 2014

Jessica Augustus and Inkblotest on June 5, 2014 “Reset The Net!” is a broad coalition of many businesses, organizations, and individuals. We’re empowering people to protect themselves on the Internet by using end-to-end encryption. Least Authority is 

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LAFS Featured on EFF Tech Blog

On Nov 6, 2013

Karen Rustad on November 6, 2013 The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s tech blog has some lovely things to say about LAFS at S4. Snippet: Tahoe’s protections against third-party snooping and deletion have the kind of strong mathematical guarantees that reassure security experts that Tahoe-LAFS is well-defended against certain kinds of attack. That also means its privacy and […]

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Least Authority on Motherboard at

On Aug 15, 2013

Karen Rustad on August 15, 2013’s Motherboard blog interviewed Least Authority founder Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn about S4, PRISM, and surveillance culture. Check it out!

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